Expecting or new born of the first child is a very important part of the parents. It is the time to arrange a nice baby shower party but sometimes they don’t want to arrange the party for not having enough budgets. In this article you will get 6 baby shower food ideas on a budget.

  • Impossibly Easy Chef’s Salad Pie: You can try an impossibly easy cheesy ham turkey pie and decorate the top with fresh salad fixing’s. This menu you easily can keep in your mind when you are going to make the list of baby shower food ideas on a budget.
  • Snacks: If many people are going to attend the party you can attend the party you might be thinking about baby shower food ideas on a budget. No need to worry, you can just provide fun snacks or a fun dessert table. If you want to do a meal, it can be very cost effective way to entertain and is a classy way to throw a fabulous spread.
  • Spinach Balls: You can add Spinach Balls in your baby shower food ideas on a budget as you can make lot of this in a cheap rate. This is very healthy item and the texture of this food is so great that the guest will like it.
  • Baby Bib Appetizers: This item is great for the baby shower if you want to arrange all the things in your budget. If you are thinking about baby shower food ideas on a budget than just make designs on cocktail rye bread ‘bibs’ with sliced Cheddar and deli ham along with spreadable cheese. Fresh chive ‘ties’ complete the cute look. The guests will like it without any doubt.
  • Cup Cakes: It takes much money to make a huge cake but if you can offer mini-cupcakes with a creative pinky cupcake topper than it will save money.
  • Easy Mini Quiches: While thinking about baby shower food ideas on a budget you can add easy mini quiches in your list. This taste great. You can make it in a large pie pan, a regular muffin pan or mini muffin pan.