I was constantly worried that dairy-free desserts might be too thin and bland. What is the best way to make thick, fluffy frosting without butter?

There are many dairy-free options available to you for making your favorite recipes.

Are chocolate brownies good? Check. Creamy cheesecake? Yes. You can make your peanut butter or chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. You better believe it!

Let’s look at 24 delicious dairy-free desserts, regardless of whether you have a special dietary requirement or want to try something new.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice creamThis one would be too good to pass up!

An ice cream maker is required. However, Christmas is coming, so I recommend adding one to your wish list. Nothing beats homemade ice cream.

This ice cream is made with soaked cashews. It combines coconut milk, brown sugar, agave, and coconut oil.

It’s easy to blend everything until it is completely smooth.

You can substitute almond butter for the cookie dough or your favorite vegan cookie recipes instead of the peanut-butter chocolate chip one.

It will taste creamy and sweet regardless of how you prepare it.

Dairy-free brownies

It is easy to make your brownies dairy-free. You can make your brownies dairy-free by substituting butter for oil. This will keep them moist but also reduce the dairy.

These brownies are easy to make and bake up fudgy and chocolaty.

Frosting and Cupcakes that are Dairy-Free

It used to be challenging to make cupcakes or frosting without dairy.

You can use oil to make moist cupcakes, but I prefer adding cream or yogurt to my batter.

What about dairy-free frosting? Is that possible?

It is now possible to find dairy-free or vegan butter and yogurts.

These cupcakes are rich in vegan milk and yogurt, which I love.

You can make a fluffy, smooth frosting using vegan butter.

Pumpkin Blondies

My new favorite blondies are pumpkin and white chocolate.

They are very similar to a brownie mix.

Mix the coconut oil, pumpkin, sugar, vanilla, and egg before adding the dry mixture.

Stay undermixed, or your blondies will be challenging and cakey.

Vegan Chocolate Pudding

This rich and creamy chocolate pudding is easy to make in 7 minutes.

After heating all the ingredients and incorporating your chocolate, this pudding can be thickened with cornstarch.

The cake may take a few hours to set and should be ready to eat within two days.

Banana Cream Pie

Bananas are my favorite thing to work with, and banana cream pie may be my favorite.

When I tried to make it dairy-free, my suspicions were high. It’s cream, after all!

However, once again, I was surprised at the possibilities of vegan alternatives and coconut cream.

The crust has a beautiful texture with almonds and rolled oats.

The filling, which is dairy-free and made with cornstarch, is similar to chocolate pudding.

The coconut whipped cream is added to give it a lighter texture.

Cinnamon Rolls

You don’t have to give up dairy. There are some delicious treats that you can enjoy, such as sticky cinnamon rolls with a sweet glaze.

Coconut oil and almond milk are used in the dough. It must be kneaded before it can be baked.

This recipe calls for a simple mixture of cinnamon and brown sugar, but I would add some vegan butter.

The amount of almond milk used can be adjusted to make the glaze thicker or thinner. Although it may not have the cream cheese tang you desire, it is still perfect.

Raspberry Crumb Bars

It is a game-changer to be able to use dairy-free butter in shortbread.

Although I have used oil and cocoa butter in the past, butter-based shortbread is more crumbly.

Slowly mix the base until it comes together. It is important to not over-mix your shortbread. Mix it as you shape or roll it.

Bake your base for about 20 minutes or until it just starts browning. Then, top it with your raspberry-lemon filling and the rest of your crust.

It’s simple, but it’s delicious.