This garlicky yogurt party dip will not make you feel guilty about overeating. It is light and refreshing and can be used with chips, cutlets, fries, vegetables, wings, cutlets, and other finger foods. It is low in calories and high in nutrients.

She is hosting a farewell party at her house. You read it correctly the first time. This party was held in memory of the place she had called home for nearly five years. It deserves to be farewell, even though we may think it’s crazy. It has been where everyone goes after a party, friends of friends sleep on the couch, and nights are spent laughing over old stories. Friends are made for life.

As much as our homes shape our memories, so do our homes. We all have a favorite room, a desk near the window, or a coffee shop where we spend hours talking to friends. This was our home. It was bare walls when we moved in (I lived with Pragya until a few years back). Then we added our personal touches: a poster, a wind chime, cushions, pillows, and curtains that would move to let in the light. Finally, we realized it was our home. Although I moved on, there was always a place to stay when I visited. But that’s part of growing up. We all feel sad, but we all want to end it with style so that we will be saying goodbye!

I am the official party food planner. I won’t go into details, but brownies and meatballs are involved. Hot, crispy wings with tangy sauce are the best way to make a party go.

Today, I have party food for you (yes, that was where all of this was going). It is a huge hit! Although I enjoy spending hours in the kitchen, you won’t find me doing that. Let’s get started by helping you quickly put together something!

Here’s the recipe for Garlicky Yogurt Party dip. It is addictive and disappears quickly. You should make another bowl.


2 cups yogurt or thick curds

Four cloves Garlic minced

Finely chop 1/2 cup Capsicum

1/2 cup finely chopped Onion

Finely chop 1/2 cup of Spring Onions

Salt to your taste

Chili Flakes to garnish

 Extra Virgin Olive Oil to garnish


  • Place yogurt in a sieve. Don’t worry if it drips through. The vessel will collect all the whey, which will leave thick curds.
  • Mix in the Garlic. Add capsicum, spring onions, capsicum, and salt to the mixture.
  • This should be kept in the fridge for at least half an hour. Just before serving, sprinkle with chili flakes and drizzle olive oil.
  • Along with the dip, add a variety of vegetables, cucumbers, broccoli, breads, and chips.