Christmas is one holiday where you don’t have to worry about how much weight you gain because everyone is eating Christmas party food like there’s no tomorrow.  If you are the host of this year’s Christmas party you might be wondering what foods you can prepare that will please your guests. That’s why you’re here. We are here to help. Not with 5 or 10 recipes, but with 10 delicious Christmas party food ideas that your guests will love.

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Christmas Party Food: Catering or Cooking?

Before we begin to create our list, it is important to decide if it is feasible to make the food yourself or hire a caterer. We believe that it shouldn’t be a problem to prepare the food for a small, casual party with around 15 people. You can prepare appetizers in advance and cook a few hours on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Then, you have instant Christmas party food. We recommend that you don’t attempt to cook for large events, such as company parties or family reunions, where more than 30 people will be attending. You won’t be able to prepare everything from scratch if you don’t have an army to help you in the kitchen. You could instead try doing all of the cooking and ordering from a caterer to help you fill up the menu. This way you don’t have to cook as much and you can enjoy the party. We recommend that you hire a caterer if your party will have 30 or more guests.

Christmas Party Food Ideas

We didn’t just search for food that looked good, or that was decorated in a way that made it look like Christmas party foods.  We instead tried to find recipes that were affordable, simple to prepare, and creative. There’s no better compliment than having your guests praise your food before you even have a chance to eat it. You can be confident that the 25 recipes below are easy to prepare, even if your skills aren’t the best.

Christmas Party Food – The Party Food You Will Want Now

Let’s take a look at the different party food options we have. These are foods you will love to serve your guests.

1. Christmas in Italy – Caprese Christmas Tree

Party foods should be light as you want people to be free to move around and mingle or even dance.

The Sparkles and Sprinkles team managed to make the Caprese Christmas tree by taking the classic Caprese salad and giving it a winter holiday twist.  The recipe is pretty similar to a Caprese salad. You’ll use the exact same ingredients, but you won’t be just throwing everything into a bowl and mixing them with a wooden spoon. Instead, lay rows of mozzarella slices and tomato slices on a flat surface. Next, add fresh basil leaves to the rows. Finally, drizzle olive oil or balsamic glaze over everything and sprinkle cherry tomatoes everywhere. You can also buy multiple varieties of cherry tomatoes (e.g. the yellow or black) and make them match the colors of the Christmas tree globes.

2. Christmas Party Food Ideas Buffet Tripple Herb Stuffing

If you are serving food in a buffet style, you can cook some “normal” dishes since everyone will be receiving plates and utensils.  This is why you should consider this triple herb stuffing recipe for Christmas party food. It’s delicious, filling, and very satisfying. This stuffing can be made with a French baguette. You will need to cut it into cubes (or croutons). Some olive oil or avocado oil, some diced onion, some chopped celery, some salt and pepper, eggs, stock, or broth, and some butter. This recipe doesn’t have to be called “triple herbs” because everything will be sprinkled generously with rosemary, thyme and sage. These 3 ingredients are what give this dish its distinctive taste. This detailed guide will show you how the triple herb stuffing is made. It includes the exact amounts of the ingredients and the cooking steps. This dish is perfect for vegetarians. Even non-vegetarians will enjoy the rich flavor of the stuffing thanks to the generous amounts of rosemary, thyme and sage.

3. Toasted Ravioli Christmas Party food

Garnish & Glaze understands that ravioli are a favorite of everyone. Everyone loves ravioli even more when they are crispy and breaded and ready to be dipped in warm marinara. These bites can be a great way of getting the dinner party started.

4. Christmas Pull-Apart Bread With Marinara – Christmas Party food Ideas Buffet

Eclectic Everyday features this Christmas tree pull-apart loaf. You can have a few of these on the table, and your guests will devour your festive mix of style and food in no time. Don’t forget to add the marinara.

5. Christmas Party Food – Sage and Gouda Vegan Cheeseball

This cheese ball has a seasonal flair and additional delicious appeal. It is covered in cranberries and has a little bit of sage at the center. For the recipe, see Namely Marly. Make sure to add water crackers!

6. Pomegranate Guacamole Christmas Party food

Two Peas & Their Pod made guacamole with a festive twist! It looks more festive and tastes better on holidays by adding pomegranates to it. The combination of sweetness and savory works so well together.

7. Italian Potato Wedge Nachos Christmas Party Food Idea

These are great for Christmas gatherings. These are great for Christmas gatherings. Click the link to get the recipe!

8. Boozy Cherry Log – Easy Party Food

Good Housekeeping offers a boozy cherry log you might want to make for your friends. You’ll find it addictive so be sure to have plenty of it. It pairs well with chips and crackers.

9. Christmas Tree Party Food – Spinach Dip Breadsticks

This one is extra special. You can find your favorite appetizer inside each breadstick. This recipe from It’s Always Autumn will make your Spinach Dip shine from every bite.

10. Cranberry Meatballs- Christmas Party Food

Jo Cooks also has a meatball recipe we’ve personally tried. They are delicious, and I can attest to that. As you prepare the main course, serve these with a Christmas cheeseball on the side. This dish is great to bring to potlucks.