Ranging from omelets, boiled eggs, soup complementary materials, eggs are the most popular food people. But have you ever thought, if I buy eggs that have good quality? Here are things you should know before buying eggs.

1. Expiry Date

According to the USDA (United State Department of Agriculture), eggs are still viable consumed three to five weeks past the expiry date. The date that determines the limits to the level of egg freshness. And generally, the eggs are still fresh after two months of harvest. Additional three weeks after it was still worth eating. But use your discretion as well, if the egg issue a strange smell or discolored do not use anymore. If you happen to buy eggs that are not packaged in a box, select the eggs are clean, smooth (not cracked or broken) and no odor.

2. Skin color has no effect on flavor

Maybe you often see a chicken egg with white skin color or brown. Actually skin tone depending on the type of chicken. Leghorn chickens produce eggs with a distinctive white color. While other types of chickens produce eggs with a little brown color. According kitchen taste test America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School proves that egg shell color has no effect on taste.

3. “Grade A” is the standard retail

Although theoretically eggs sold in three grades (AA, A, B), only grade AA and A eggs sold in supermarkets. While the explanation of the American Egg Board says grade B eggs are not marketed to retail, they are marketed for commercial purposes such as restaurants or hospitals, and very few are sold in supermarkets. However, overall there was no difference in terms of nutrition.

4. “Farm fresh eggs” and organic eggs

In taste tests, fresh eggs obtained directly from farms are the most delicious. These eggs richer flavor. The second rank was occupied by organic eggs. Then place the next supermarket eggs. In conclusion, if you have access to fresh eggs from the farm, or can be purchased directly at the people who raise chickens, do it! The eggs are most delicious when used for an omelets. But not for baking a cake or cookie. If not, choose organic eggs for everyday use. Organic eggs are also richer flavor. But you need to know, there is nothing wrong with eggs sold supermarket.