Many people I meet want to lose weight and get fitter. People tell me sometimes that despite going to the gym and doing Yoga every day, their bodies are not responding well. Today’s post will be a reality check for those who fall into this category.

You are mistaken if you believe that eating everything will make you fatter or healthier than doing lots of exercise. Your health is directly related to the food you eat. This will continue even if you train regularly but are not disciplined or have good eating habits. You need to develop a healthy eating pattern and get enough exercise to lose or maintain your body weight.

1. Eat on Time

Good health is dependent on eating at the right time. You are responsible for the consequences of eating a salad at 1 AM. It is important to eat right from the beginning. Many people have bizarre eating habits. People tend to eat light breakfasts, heavier lunches and heavy dinners. It is not healthy to eat your most heaviest meal before you go to bed. Timing is important. Eat before 10 a.m. and stop eating after 8 p.m. This small change in routine will help you remember how important it is to eat well.

2. Keep it Colorful

To ensure you eat healthy, colourful ingredients are a key part of your meal. You should include three to four different ingredients in your meal. You could make raita, a salad with vegetables & daal with rice, or something else. Make sure you have at most three distinct segments to your meal. It can become a serious problem if you don’t have at least three different segments. This is something you should address immediately. Instead of focusing on the amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins on your plate, consider the components and variety of the food you eat. You will eat less and eat more.

3. Local is better

We make the biggest mistake when trying to change our eating habits. We look for American ways to make salads and then buy foreign food like avocados. Sticking to local foods is a better way to make a lasting change in your eating habits. Indian food can be healthy and provide all your nutrients. The West’s food habits are not the only benchmark. Their climate is quite different from ours so what they eat and consider healthy may not work for them.

4. Learn to Cook

You will slowly master the science behind understanding what ingredients are healthy and which ones are not once you have learned how to cook. When you understand the science behind cooking, you will automatically be more careful about what you put into your mouth. There is also the myth that diet food must be bland and boiled. You will soon learn how to cook and realize that boiling food is not a guarantee of good health. There are many other ways to make food that can be cooked that are healthier.

5. Try out new combinations

People get bored eating healthy food if they only eat certain foods in an alternate way. It is easy to get bored if you limit your choices. To keep your taste buds in check, try new combinations and don’t be afraid to experiment with unusual ingredients. My premium program, ‘Ultimate Life,’ spends one day on ‘Health’. Participants gain in-depth knowledge about diet and exercise. This program is for everyone who wants to be healthier.