Homemade juices of fruits will not cause digestive problems. You can break your fast by drinking juices, so that the stomach’s protective lining, which has also been diminished, can slowly return to normal. Avoid drinking coffee, tea, or spicy foods during the fast as they can irritate your stomach. Drink some watermelon or apple juice after fasting for 24hrs. It is soothing for your stomach.

Juices may not be the best option to break a juice fast. Juices can be used to break water fasts.

People generally fast for half the time it takes to reintroduce food.

Vegetables/bone broths

After your body has become used to eating raw fruits, you can start to use vegetable or bone broths to gently introduce cooked food into your body. These broths are easy to consume and provide nutrition and strength. Broths are great for those who have fasted for 48 hours. They will provide the body with much-needed strength.

Raw vegetables

Raw vegetables are rich in minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients. It would be beneficial to break the fast by drinking vegetable juice that is organic or pesticide-free. Organic vegetables are better because they are less likely to contain pesticides, herbicides, or hormones. They also have higher antioxidant levels. You can drink one glass of carrot juice, or have a small amount of vegetable salad to break a fast. Your digestive system will easily digest these foods. You can still break the fast even if you’re intermittent fasting.


Experts recommend sprouts for the first meal following a fast. The best sprouts are those grown at home. Simple sugars, minerals and vitamins are all found in sprouts. They are simple to digest and assimilate. Sprouts are rich in chlorophyll which is well-known for its detoxifying properties. There are many sprouts available, including buckwheat and sunflower as well as chickpeas, chickpeas and adzuki beans. You can easily make sprouts at home by exposing seeds to indirect sunlight, water, and water.

Nuts and eggs

You will need to eat healthy foods such as eggs and nuts if you are going to fast for a prolonged period. After breaking your fast, you can’t eat full meals. Intermittent fasting requires that you eat healthy food and avoid junk foods.

Raw fruits/fruit juices

Fasting means that your body doesn’t eat food which can deprive it of energy. The body’s energy comes from its skeletal muscles, so it is important to eat the most energy-rich foods immediately after fasting. The body can absorb natural sugars from fruits, and it will be able to digest them without consuming much energy. This allows the body to get more energy to begin the digestion process.

Because fruits nourish your body, they are the best food to break a fast. Fresh, raw fruits juices are best because they are rich in water. This makes it easier to digest. Drink one cup of fresh squeezed juice from melon, grapes and pears, or one of these fruits, to break the fast. Avoid citrus fruit juices as they can be acidic. Most people break their fasts by drinking water, fruit juice, and fruits followed by a meal of salad at regular intervals.


Vegans who don’t eat dairy products can still get their protein through unsweetened yogurt and curd. This is easy on the stomach. Yogurt is high in protein and fat, making it a great food for breaking a fast.

Beans and grains that have been well-cooked

After fasting for 24 hours , it is time to eat beans and well-cooked grains. You will be satisfied for several hours, and you can even include vegetables. This should not be your first meal of the morning.