With the grand opening of Cyber Hub, Gurgaon offers you the best nightlife in the town! At anytime of the week, you can see crowded nightclubs in the Cyber Hub, music on peak and people holding their glass of liquor dancing on the floor. We bring you the list of the best and the most visited places for a night-out in the Hub:

1. Raasta

Island culture, Bob Marley theme and of course the “Nirvana” feel, is what this Caribbean lounge known for. Along with the delicious food that satiates your hunger strike, it offers a perfect lively karaoke night. The bongtails are a must try to totally sink into the fresh native flavor and make it one heck of a night!


  • Ladies Night: Tuesday 07:00PM to 11:00PM (IST)
  • Karaoke Night: Wednesday 08:00PM to 11:00PM (IST)

What to munch on?

Food: Fire Starters

T&T Cottage Triangle, Caribbean Oven Roasted Potatoes, Rum Spicked Lamb Bongs,Cuban Black Beans Chilli, Rum

Chica Rum Chicken, IndoCarib Beans, Broccoli, Bells & Cheese Curry


Jäger Bomb, Yellow Jacket, Kamikaze. And not to forget the Bongtails, it’s a must try.

Contact: 011 33106200

Location: 2nd floor, Cyber hub

2. Soi 7 Pub

Soi 7 is the best microbrewery to spend the night at in the whole cyber hub. This one year old venture of strikers, is the big daddy of this hub. It has named the brewery after the four names of the boxing moves Wheat (Knock Out) ,Brooklyn Amber (Straight Jab) , the Premium (Upper Cut) and other grains (cobra punch). Its uniqueness and in-house DJ has always managed to attract the crowd on the weekdays even. Must visit for your awesome night-out plan with your pals.

Time: 12 noon to 01:00 AM (IST)


Thursday, a day for LADIES NIGHT and MUAY THAI (kick boxing) action.

What to munch on?


Grilled Cane Prawn, Salt n Pepper Chicken and Corn and Cheese Wontons


Any drink from the four boxing moves is a must try.

Contact: 011 33105218

Location:    205, 208 & 209A, Cyber Hub

3. Sutra Gastropub

Superb indulgence into the delicious Mediterranean, European, North Indian and American dishes is what defines Sutra Gastropub. It has a well-stocked bar with elegant English décor. What makes it a perfect night-out place is the cozy and pleasing ambience that invites the crowd and of course the best foot tapping music.

Time: 12 noon to 1AM

Events: Sutra Gastro pub keeps up with the events even on the weekdays. It’s inviting and exciting events makes this place popular among the crowd.

What to munch on?


The Baked Jacket Potatoes with cheese, Devil Striptease


Bombay Sapphire gin and pomegranate, Sutra’s Chai of Absolut Mandarin and iced tea

Contact: +91 8800112384

Location: 201 & 202, Cyber hub

3. The Hard Rock café

Hard Rock café is among the most popular American chains worldwide. This super-awesome bar is not meant for weak-hearted as they do justice to the loud rock music with a stage to tap your feet. Watch out for their ritual of the entire staff jumping on tables to sing and dance to Y.M.C.A! What else one can ask for a night out getaway?

Time: 12 noon to 12 midnight

Events:  The all-time rock music makes every day an event. No particular day, but it’s known for organizing “Danc-Rock” music events!

What to munch on?


Bhuna Chicken Rolls, Tres Leches, Greek Salad, the Hickory Chicken Wings


Virgin mojito, Bahama Mama (Rum Malibu coconut, banana syrup, grenadine, pineapple and orange juice), cosmopolitan

Contact: 011 33105264

Location: Unit 4/5/104/105, R Block, Cyber Hub

4. Imperfecto

You must have heard a lot about this place by now. The unique choice of music, delicious food and the amazing ambience undoubtedly makes it the talk of the town. There is also outside seating along with indoor DJ and dancing area. So how do you go about, “imperfecto” or “I’mperfecto”, we leave it on you!

Time: 12 noon to 1 AM

What to munch on?

Food: Croquettes Carrot and Cheese, Chicken in Pesto Sauce

Drinks: interesting mix of cocktails

Contact: +91 8800669187

Location: 2nd floor, Cyber hub