So you have decided on having a Disney themed baby shower and now you are at a loss of ideas when it comes to the menu? This is the right place to be. Disney themed showers could go in a variety of directions, from Mickey and Minnie to Princesses. Whether you decide to have a party centering around one character, or all of them, there are many opportunities to make your Disney themed shower food memorable.

First you must decide what type of character or characters you are aiming for. Once you know what you are going for it should be simple to work your food around it. In many instances just a creative label on an item or beverage can do wonders. Even the containers of the food can change the entire display for the better. For example, those who want to go more towards Winnie the Pooh could have punch in a honey pot and the vegetables on display could be labeled “Rabbit’s vegetable garden”.

For the very popular Princesses Disney themed shower, food can also be easily arranged. You could go with ‘Aladdin’s shish kabobs,’ an easy and theme related food. A tiara shaped cookie cutter used to cut out sandwiches is perfect for the theme. Fruits are the perfect thing to display at a princess shower, and arrangement of grapes and berries. Dessert could involved some of ‘Snow White’s poisoned’ caramel apples and pink cupcakes. Pink lemonade could be the main beverage on display, and for a special touch contain ice cubes with bits of strawberries or raspberries frozen in them.

The Little Mermaid makes the perfect Disney themed shower. Food at this type of shower and decorations work together perfectly. With an under the sea baby shower theme, sea creatures and nets are the perfect table decorations. A brightly colored punch bowl with a mechanical fish will astonish guests. Shelled pastas and sea food go perfectly as main dishes. Other snacks to have around could include goldfish, tuna salad, gummy sharks, or anything sea creature related. Items can even be put on display in buckets or treasure chests. Depending on the time of the year, you might even want to consider serving some Under the Sea Icees; consisting of blended blue kool-aid, frozen yogurt/ice-cream and ice.

If you are leaning towards the more classic Mickey and Minnie look you could get cookie cutters and use them to make shaped sandwiches or slices of pineapple or watermelon. A 101-dalmations theme would make you want to have everything black and white, this can involve polka dotted cupcakes and marble ice-cream. Remember, with certain themes, like these ones, it is more difficult to tie in the food, but you should not let this stress you out. The dessert is the easiest way to incorporate your theme into the menu, use it! Cakes, cupcakes, or cookies can fit the theme in an instant. As you can see there are a variety of ways to tie your theme into the menu, whether you chose to do so by desserts, snacks, main courses or beverages.