In recent times, everything is becoming increasingly more eco-friendly. This trend has even begun to hit baby showers. This can go anywhere from recycled paper baby shower invitations with non-toxic dyes to gifts wrapped in fabrics that can be reused in the nursery by the mother-to-be. Having an eco-friendly shower includes having an eco-friendly baby shower menu that will appeals to the taste buds.

When considering your eco-friendly baby shower food, you will want to pick things that can be served at room temperature. This prevents you from having to waste that excess energy while heating/reheating or cooling foods. Instead of having a bucket of ice, or a punch bowl filled with ice that you have to keep replenishing, why not try to freeze a reusable plastic ice cubes instead for the shower?

Some examples of foods that are readily served at room temperature:

  • Fruit
  • Vegetables and dip
  • Chips and salsa
  • Pasta salads
  • Snack sized PB&J sandwiches (you can even cut them into shapes)
  • Bread
  • Crackers

You may even want to take advantage of this opportunity to show your guests how good organic or even vegan food can be. Consider serving some delicious black bean burgers and salad. Show the wonders of tofu or create some nice stuffed mushrooms for baby shower appetizers. The options are limitless, this is your day, and you can make it enjoyable and useful! One major problem in the world today is that we are all so spoiled and used to eating fruits and vegetables when they are out of season. Even though it is easy to go to your local supermarket and readily get anything you desire, it is better to only buy things when they are in season in your area.

Even though time is pressing as it gets closer to the day of the baby shower. Try visiting your local farmers market for fruits and vegetables for your shower. You will be doing a great deed by supporting locally grown food that doesn’t involve the air pollution to transport food in. Another advantage to this is the flavor, fruits and vegetables have a much better flavor when they are grown locally and in season versus being driven and to sit on store shelves. Any avoidance of waste at your eco-friendly shower is significant. Instead of using paper plates and plastic cups, use glasses, plates and silverware. It may take more time for you to clean up after, but will save on a ton of garbage.

Why stop there? Hand-washing these dishes would be another environmentally friendly touch. Overestimated when making your dishes? I am sure the guests will not refuse to take home some leftovers! An eco-friendly baby shower takes into account all of the waste built up from the average baby shower. All of the unnecessary paper plates, bags, wrapping paper and baby shower decorations build up. Nothing is better than spreading the word about making sustainable and organic decisions to your family and friends. Show that you, and you soon-to-be little one, will be minimizing your carbon footprints.