Because there are many types of burritos, there is more than one way you can roll one. Let’s simplify the process before we get into the details about how to move a burrito. California burritos, Juarez. The tortillas’ quality and size and different fillings can help you tell the difference. A California burrito will usually use a 10–12-inch tortilla. A border-style burrito uses a 7-9 inch tortilla. These homemade tortillas can be used to make border-style burritos. They are smaller and more tender than regular tortillas. That’s it. California burritos are thicker because they often contain protein, beans, and rice. They also include sour cream and guacamole.

What does it take to roll a burrito

The filling in Border-style burritos is less, making them slimmer. Because all juices have reached the bottom, an open end makes every bite more delicious. California-style burritos have so many ingredients that you must seal them on their base.

California-style, how to roll a burrito

Lay the tortilla flat on a counter. Place all your filling ingredients, starting from the left. Leave about 2 inches between each side. Your rolled tortilla’s sealed top and bottom will be on the left and right sides.

Fold the tortilla in half. The right side can be folded in the same way. Although the folded-in sides won’t touch each other, there might be only a few inches between them.

Place the filling on the tortilla’s bottom. Fold the right and left sides of the tortilla in the same way. The loose topping is what you will use to cover the fillings.

To make a cylindrical shape, wrap the top of the tortilla around your filling. You will notice that the tortilla is slightly larger where it wraps around the filling. It’s fine!

After the filling is placed around the tortilla, roll the burrito tightly until it’s completely rolled.

To wrap your California-style burrito with foil:

Cut a rectangle large enough to hold the whole burrito.

Place the burrito on a flat surface, with one end facing a corner.

Place the foil corners into the burrito and cover the ends.

Grab the foil’s bottom and lift it to meet the top.

Fold the foil in half and roll it up to form a cylinder.

How to roll a burrito border-style

Place the tortilla flat on the counter to roll a border-style Burrito.

Add filling (e.g., swoop beans down the middle of your tortilla, from left to right). Leave approximately 1″ between the tortilla’s left and right edges to avoid spillage. You can use the beans or any other filling as a guide to place additional fillings. Fill the cups with a little less than one cup of filling. These burritos are much thinner than California-style burritos. You want to make sure you have enough space in your hand for the final width.

You’ll tuck the fillings under this top cover.

Wrap the top-covering tortilla around the filling to create a cylinder shape. Just where the tortilla wraps around the filling, the tortilla will get double.

After the tortilla has been wrapped around the filling, roll until the burrito is completely rolled. You can leave the right and left sides of your burrito open.