Super Contests are also returning in Pokemon Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond. To win, you’ll need to complete various challenges. This guide will show you how to create Poffins for Pokemon BDSP.

What do puffins do in Pokemon BDSP

Poffins can be used in Pokemon BDSP to boost the attributes of Pokemon, such as Cool, Cute, and Smart. This affects a Pokemon’s score in the Visual Evaluations for Super Contests.

The higher level of the Poffin enhances these characteristics. The flavor of Poffins is determined by the type of berries used. Poffins are available in many flavors, including spicy, sweet, sour, and bitter.

You can make different types of Poffins in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. You will need to know that not all Pokemon will like the Poffins.

You will need to unlock the Super Contests before you can enter them. After you have defeated the second gym leader of Hearthome City, Super Contests will be opened.

How to find the Poffin Case on Pokemon BDSP

You can make puffins after the Super Contests have been unlocked. You’ll need the Poffin Case in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl to make puffins.

How to cook Poffins in Pokemon BDS

Once you have the Poffin House, go there to begin making Poffins. To start the minigame, speak to the woman standing near the mixer.

To make puffins, you’ll need berries. You can combine four berries at once. You will end up with the same number of Poffins as the number of berries that you added.

You can get a particular flavor of Poffin by using different Berries with the same taste. If you use the same Berries, it will produce Foul Poffins.

Stir the batter in the directions indicated by the arrows on your screen. You will be asked to stir the batter either clockwise or counterclockwise. You must follow the path of the hand to cook Poffins correctly.

Cooking Poffins can be divided into three stages depending on the batter.

Stage 1 Orange flames: Batter-like liquid. Mixing is easy. Stir slowly to prevent spilling, but not so slowly that the mixture burns.

Stage 2, Yellow Flames: Softer batter. Mixing is difficult. To avoid burning, stir a bit quicker. It will still spill if you swirl it too fast.

Stage 2 Blue Flames Hard Batter. The mixture is harder to stir and more likely to burn, but the batter will not spill. Stir until the mixture is finished.

Poffin Spilling and Burning: How to Prevent it

The game randomly tells you to switch directions quickly, but it takes work to get into a rhythm. You’ll be fine if you follow these tips.

You can only make a good Poffin if you stir the batter slowly. The batter may overflow or spill. Going too quickly is not a good idea, especially when the batter is at its loosest. Too many spills can cause foul Coffins.

As the batter cooks, it will become more challenging, so that you can increase your stirring pace. You can ruin your Poffin if you mix it too slowly or leave it still as it cooks.

How to make high-level Poffins for Pokemon BDSP

If you choose your berries carefully and cook them properly, you can create High-Level Poffins while playing Pokemon BDSP.

This article will cover the Dos and Don’ts for cooking high-level Poffins on Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Selecting Appropriate Berries

The berries you use will determine whether or not your puffins are high-level. Use berries that have a high taste stat as they are more likely to produce high-level puffins.

Use berries that have similar stats, but don’t use them all. They will ruin your puffins.

Cooking Ethics

Poffins of high quality are also made by cooking properly and avoiding waste.

You can get high-quality puffins if you follow the recipe quickly, cook it within the maximum 60-second time, and do not spill any dough.

If you choose strong-flavored berries and avoid burning or spilling your batter, it is easy to make high-level puffins.

Amity Square Poffin cooking station

You can cook High-Level Poffins in Amity Square’s puffin section. Bring along Pokemon with high friendship stats to cook High-Level Poffins quicker.