Many families feel that trying to have clean organic food is making holes in their pocket and hence are out of their reach. You will be able to afford clean, healthy organic food if you know how to shop for these organic foods. Even if you are on a tight budget you will be able to afford organic food if you follow the methods given here.

Bulk Buying

Several organic food items are available from bulk sellers. You will be able to store organically produced cereals, beans, oil, sauces and other packaged food items with long shelf life from wholesalers or bulk sellers.  When you buy in bulk you will get the items at a reduced rate than buying it from retailers.  This practice will increase your savings.

Buy Locally Available Vegetables

Though the locally available vegetables may not have the organic certification by U.S department of agriculture, most of local farmers grow vegetables using organic farming methods.  The products from the local farmers will be cheaper as they do not have to pay for the organic certification from USDA. This method will help you to get quality organic vegetables at lower prices.

Growing Your Vegetables

This is another way of obtaining organic food items without wasting your money. If you have time and space, you can grow a kitchen garden of your own. It is easy to grow spinach, tomatoes, herbs and some fruit trees. If you have space in your backyard try planting just one or two crops at first and slowly expand your garden. You can use organic methods to grow your crop. This way you will be getting pesticide free products. You will be surprised to see how many varieties of food you will be able to grow on your plot.

Organized Buying System

Many families can join together and buy the organic products in bulk. Combining the purchasing power of many families will help to get the best deals on products like local meat, unprocessed milk, fresh vegetables and many other healthy organic produce.

Compare The Price And Buy

Some shops may charge extra rates for their products as they will have to meet the establishment charges. Compare the rates of two or three stores and select the store which offers products at affordable rates. Local markets will be able to sell the items cheaper than the organic brands. Sometimes you will be able to get coupons from organic brands which will make the items available at cheaper rate. So, watch out for the coupons and offer from different brands to get the organic food at cheaper rate.  What makes the organic food costlier than conventional food is the federal law which makes it mandatory to get certification for organic products.  No subsidies or marketing support is given to the organic farmers hence the production of organic food is costlier. A change in the federal law will only help to reduce the cost of these organic foods. Till then, organic foods will be costly for ordinary families.