The first thing to do when storing food in the refrigerator is to make sure it doesn’t stay there for too long. These are some useful and handy tips to keep your food fresh and avoid it spoiling.

Do not eat food older than 2 or three days

Food that has been stored for long periods of time can lead to food-borne illness. It is best to finish the leftovers within 2 to 3 days. It is not a good idea to throw away food. Old food can also be harmful to your health.

Do not place food directly in the Fridge

The best advice for food storage is to make sure it is not too hot. Before storing food in the fridge, it is best to allow the food to cool to room temperature. Hot food can easily spoil. Hot or warm food must cool down faster than normal, which can lead to high energy bills.

Food can be frozen

You can also keep your food in the freezer to make sure it is properly stored. It is best to remove frozen food from the freezer at least 24 hours before you plan to eat it. Once it reaches room temperature, heat it up. Taste the food before you eat to make sure it doesn’t have bad smells or tastes.

Properly wrap and store food

Wrap food in foil before you store it to prevent it from spoiling. Aluminum foil can be used to protect bread, chapattis, or pizza from drying out. Instead of storing gravy items directly in the refrigerator, it is better to place them in an airtight container.

Tips to store food before a party

It is natural to keep a lot of food in the fridge for parties or other gatherings. Pre-preparing your dish is an excellent way to ensure the food tastes the same. Preparing the ingredients ahead of time is a good idea. This will help you save time and preserve the freshness of your flavors.