Gurgaon is known for its skyscrapers, noise, and mayhem reputation. Cyber Hub Sector 29 is a great place to host an evening party. It’s a fun and lively spot where you can have a great time with your friends while enjoying delicious food and drinks. Cyber Hub in Gurgaon offers a variety of restaurants and pubs where you can enjoy a night with friends, celebrate a significant raise, or hang out.


This uptown Parsi restaurant chain serves traditional Parsi cuisine with an urban twist. It revives an Indian food on the brink of extinction and reminds us that excellent food will always be in style. The beautiful surroundings, including the wall portraits, jukebox, and Parsi knickknacks, give old-world charm to modern-world bingers. Eggs are a key component of many recipes, including inventive chats and rich, delicious curries.

2.Made in Punjab

Punjab is well-known for its large-than-life food, with various rich and delicious meals. Cyber Hub’s Made in Punjab is a great example, featuring delicious food prepared with passion. Diverse meals appeal to all senses. Thanks to the desi ghee-smeared flatbread and tasty curries, your meal will be unique. The restaurant’s interiors are decorated in traditional Punjabi warmth, making the experience more authentic to the region.

3.Panchavati Gaurav

Rajasthani and Gujarati cuisines can be enjoyed if you want to avoid traveling to Punjab. Panchavati Gaurav’s vibrant thalis and colorful decor will add a pop of color to your binge-eating experience. This Cyber Hub pure-vegetarian restaurant is for you if unlimited thalis appeal to you. The healthy meals are served on sleek steel plates that transport you to India’s western frontiers.

4.Burma Burma

This restaurant offers vegetarian delights with Myanmar’s best tastes. You are enticed by the beautiful lighting and Burma Burma’s art. At the same time, the scents surround you, making it feel like you have stepped onto another planet. Notably, the food displayed in the restaurant captures the beauty and grandeur of Burmese culture uniquely. There are also vegan options.

5.Dhaba Estd. 1986

This well-known restaurant has been a hit with locals due to its unique take on Punjabi cuisine. This restaurant has many things to enjoy, including slow-cooked appetizers and bubbling curries. It’s Theka, a desi-style bar that serves premium drinks with a strong dose of India. You feel like driving on a major highway with Punjabi music playing in the background.

6.Oh! Calcutta

This restaurant serves traditional Bengali dishes. The vibrant Bengali flavor of the words is achieved through the use of mustard oil, shellfish, tangy spices, and other culinary myths. The Cyber Hub’s best non-vegetarian restaurant, with its dizzying variety of chicken, mutton, and fish dishes, is no surprise. But be careful not to take their seafood for granted.

7.Yum Yum Cha

This Pan-Asian restaurant has many delicious gourmet options for Sushi. Cyber Hub’s excellent restaurant has modernized the traditional Japanese dish with crisps and creme to give it a contemporary feel. The Land of the Rising Sun is captured in their carefully prepared cuisine. The establishment aims to please its customers with a reasonable price and high-quality food.

8.Indigo Delicatessen

The elegant restaurant offers a wide variety of delicious options for hungry customers. This variety of food demonstrates how creative lunacy can lead to disaster. This is Gurgaon’s most loved eatery, and it is always busy with customers. If you want friendly conversations over delicious Deli food and live music, this is the place to go. If you want to recharge for the day ahead, breakfast here is worth visiting.

9.Mr. Mamagoto

Mamagoto, “Play with Food,” is the right name for this elegant establishment with an innovative element ingrained in its Oriental cuisine. The cuisine here is pure joy. It combines unusual flavors with traditional dishes to give you a wild experience. Although the selection is huge, choosing what dish to order isn’t easy. The friendly staff will always recommend the best option as if they were mind-readers from another dimension.


This chain is world-famous and offers authentic South African and Portuguese delights. It’s something you don’t get to eat every single day. Everything is ancillary, and the outlet’s USP lies in kindness. Like their chicken barbecues, the rooms are beautifully decorated. The drinks go well with the meal, and the sauces & gravies last longer than you might think. This is a great place to have fun with the family, as they offer a special menu for children.

11.Pita Pit

This is the right place if you love pita and can’t stop eating juicy shawarmas. The customizable pita pockets, buns, and sandwiches make it easy to lose weight. You must try delicious and nutritious salads, falafels, or wheat bread. Pair the delightful nibbles with your favorite cooler for an unforgettable dinner.


Italiano is about the perfect setting to serve the most famous Italian dishes. Italiano is a story about Italian food that beautifully tells the story of Italian food. It includes everything from delicious dishes from Tuscany to unusual meals from Napolitano. This menu features pesto, alfredo, and a mixture of the best Italian herbs. It will make you feel like MAMA MIA! They are warm and welcoming and perfectly reflect European culture.

13.Soi 7 – Pub and Brewery

Soi 7 is a beer garden that will give every city dweller a chance to live their party dreams. There is outdoor seating, a diner, and a patio where Party Animals can dance to their hearts’ content. You’ll enjoy their delicious cocktails and tasty snacks. It’s time to relax and enjoy some drinks.


Cyber Hub Social is a beautiful place for social butterflies who love to unwind over endless conversations and drinks. The bright lights draw you in and keep you there, even before you realize it. This establishment is quirky, unique, and joyful. Private lounging is possible at this bar. The bar serves North Indian, Continental, and Asian cuisines to complement your drinks.

15.The Wine Company

Wine and dining is a beautiful experience, especially at The Wine Company (TWC), one of Gurgaon’s best pubs. TWC sets the scene for an evening of great European wines and delicious cuisine. The elegant setting is illuminated, making it the perfect place to host a romantic dinner. Wine experts ensure that you get the right mix to complement your meal, so you can relax and enjoy the tranquility of an evening. The drinks you receive here will leave a lasting impression on your palate, heart, and mind.

16.Hard Rock Café

This bar chain is going to change the world. It’s all spot-on, from the posters of rock legends like Freddie Mercury, Kurt Cobain, and Bon Jovi to the rustic rock tables and furnishings and the high-decibel music. Cocktails, which are cocktails that have a rock component, are delicious. Relax and enjoy excellent acoustic performances while you watch.


Cyber Hub, Imperfecto brings together the best in beverages and cuisines with various feasting events to make your weekend unforgettable. The raw feeling is seamlessly paired with quirky decor to make it unforgettable. Sangria festivals are wild, with unlimited drinks and delicious food choices that will make it a fantastic Friday and weekend. You can become the night owl you always dreamed of being with the help of your favorite Happy Hour snacks.

18.The Beer Café

It is India’s largest network of award-winning beer cafés and offers a place to enjoy your beer sunshine. The world of beer takes distilling to the next level, and the shop has a virtual bar that allows you to reserve beverages in advance. Enjoy a sublime experience with over 50 beers from more than 20 countries in over twenty genres. There are also some top-charting music numbers and musical concerts. Cocktail lovers may mix, swirl, or gulp until they feel satisfied.

19.Sutra Gastro Pub

Pubs in Delhi and the National Capital Region are a magnet for partygoers looking for exciting nightlife experiences. SGP brings luxury and elegance to the unadorned, making it feel like a haven for wealthy gangsters. You can enjoy Indian, Continental, or Chinese dishes in the indoor and outdoor dining areas. You will feel rejuvenated after a tough week with the great grills and main dishes.

20.Quaff Microbrewery

Quaff is a gastropub with Irish roots. There are no rules, music-wise or otherwise. The Gurgaon restaurant is known for its bao burger. The Hummingbird drinks menu has a clear winner with jasmine-flavored teas and vodka. This new addition to Gurgaon’s entertainment scene offers a variety of drinks as well as delicious meals.