Despite warnings about the dangers of smoking, there are still people who continue to buy tobacco products. These foods can help flush out nicotine from the bloodstream if you’re a regular smoker.

A few facts about nicotine

You should be aware of the harmful effects of nicotine if you smoke. Tobacco products are based on nicotine’s addictive properties. It takes approximately 8 hours for nicotine inhaled from a cigarette to be flushed out by the body. Even minute traces of nicotine can remain in the blood for up to 30 days. The drug nicotine can kill adults is a shocking fact. A small amount of pure nicotine in liquid, approximately 30-60mg, can cause death. The drug can reduce the fertility of sperms by up to 75%. In very small quantities, nicotine is also found in many vegetables like tomato and potato. This nicotine protects the vegetables from pests and insects, so it is used as a pesticide.


They are the enemy to nicotine cravings and the stress and worry that it causes. The body loses vitamin C from smoking. As we all know, oranges are a great source of vitamin C.


Raw garlic has more benefits, since Allicin, which is a lung-cleansing compound, degrades during cooking. Sprinkle crushed garlic on cooked foods to reap the benefits. Garlic has been shown to increase the production of bile, which aids in fighting nicotine and other toxins. Studies have shown that garlic significantly reduces the chance of developing lung cancer.


Popeye is a big fan of iron. It can be used to eliminate nicotine from the body. The folic acid in spinach helps to flush out nicotine. These folic acids provide mental and emotional strength, which is essential when trying to quit smoking. These are not the only fruits and vegetables that can help flush out nicotine from the system. The University of Buffalo found that adequate intake of vegetables and fruits can triple the chance of stopping smoking.