The menu, like chicken, fish, or seafood made with breading technique (using bread flour) always look attractive. It looks as if bewitched us to immediately feel the crispy in every bite. Not impossible if you want to present to make crispy like to offer a classy restaurant. Consider the steps, as reported by EHow.

Use fresh bread

Choosing the right material makes it easy to apply the technique breading. Use fresh bread to make bread crumbs. Crumbs from fresh bread will absorb less oil than crumbs from stale bread. Also generate new lighter bread flour so better for fried texture. Because it does not absorb much oil, fresh bread crumbs more easily stick to the food that will be fried and not separated in the frying process. Use the bread crumbs with a smaller size so that the processed was more crisp.

Pat and roll

Pat food materials on dry bread crumbs and roll to absorb moisture. This helps the coating is good between groceries and bread crumbs. The process of coating, the roll food into flour, dip into beaten egg, then roll in bread crumbs. Eggs make flour bound with groceries. Complete these steps in order to be perfect bread crumbs attached or not falling.

Cover with bread crumbs

Whisk the remaining flour has been used. Complete the lining of food by tapping it to make sure that the bread crumbs stick to all parts of food. Although the food covered with eggs, oil can still penetrate that wheat may fall when fried. Therefore, seal food that has been dipped in egg on wheat bread. Press gently on both sides of groceries by hand in order to adhere perfectly. Get rid of the remnants of the bread flour is not actually attached to the pre-fried in oil.

Rest for a while

After smear food with bread crumbs, leave for 30 minutes. This rest period is an important stage in the process of frying. By resting the food, the stickiness of wheat bread with the meal will be stronger. For best results, you should rest in the refrigerator. Remove 30 minutes before frying so that the temperature is equal to room temperature.