It’s great to snuggle up with a cup of hot chocolate on cold nights while you watch your favorite shows or the Netflix movies that you have saved for the weekend. It may be a bad idea to order in, as your drink might not stay hot enough. This list contains hot chocolate mixes that you can use if there isn’t enough stock.

These homegrown brands deliver all across India.


We may seem biased because Pooja Dhingra is a team member of LBB. Yes. We love her work and the beautiful products she makes. We are big fans of her cookies and the delicious hot chocolate mixes. They come in five boxes, each with mocha, salted caramel, and classic flavors. These sachets can be used to gift others or yourself during colder months.

Pro Tip: Pooja & Le15 just released a monsoon exclusive Chai Spice Hot Chocolate Mix. You can order it online now before it rains!


A premium chocolate brand that brings the best ingredients and cocoa beans from around the world. They have a wide range of unique flavors and signature bonbons. Their chocolate selection is excellent, but their hot chocolate blend is like warm cocoa in a mug. This is an excellent choice for dark chocolate lovers, as it contains 70% dark chocolate.

More! Their chocolate boxes are heavenly. Really! If you are bringing their hot chocolate mix, make sure to get a box.

Sarah’s Cocoa

Sarah’s Cocoa, a lockdown baby, is an e-store that specializes in hot chocolate. They offer a variety of hot chocolate flavors, including classic hot chocolate and dark hot chocolate. We recommend dark chocolate.

More Info: If you feel tempted to buy more of these adorable jars, try their hot cinnamon cocoa.

Toska – Artisan Chocolates

Toska, a local brand known for making the best and most premium chocolates in the country, is well-known for its bean-to-bar approach. Hot chocolate lovers rejoice! They offer a variety of hot chocolate flavors, including masala chai and classic hot chocolate.

You can also choose their sinful chocolate spread to satisfy your chocolate cravings.

Choko La

Choko La’s cocoa mixes have been a favorite of ours. The cinnamon chocolate blend and white vanilla are two of our favorites.

More! Enjoy dark chocolate bars, bites, and blends, as well as crunches, crunchettes and cookies from Choko La.

Jindal Cocoa

Their passion for chocolate starts with the bean that they source from India or Switzerland and continues at their Jammu manufacturing facility. We love their hot chocolate mixes. You can choose from their Mocha or Cinnamon.

More Info: If you love breakfast, there are peanut, hazelnut, and almond chocolate spreads.

Wandering Beans

While Wandering Beans is our favorite and go-to coffee, we have been addicted to their hot cocoa blends. Six delicious flavors were available: classic hot chocolate salted caramel, hazelnut, and peppermint.

More Info: If you want a break from regular hot chocolate, try their peppermint and spicy hot chocolate.

Nutty Yogi

Yep. Yes. Their rich dark chocolate blend is one example. This jar is for you if you like your hot chocolate sweetened.

You can also order their hot chocolate and cart their raw cocoa ribs.


Tiggle, an online hot chocolate shop, offers organic jaggery hot cocoa! This hot chocolate comes in a few flavors, including cinnamon and sea salt. Tiggle sources the finest cocoa from Tamil Nadu’s farms so that you can expect cafe-quality hot chocolate.


Cocoacraft, a brand based in Kochi, is well-known for making premium chocolate and cocoa products. Cocoacraft is best known for making delicious chocolates. We recommend that you also try their hot chocolate blend!

The Daily Gourmet

If you love cute pin boxes, this is the second reason to buy a hot chocolate mix. The first reason? Daily Gourmet hot chocolate is all comfort and warm hugs. To make cafe-style hot cocoa, add a pinch of salt.