Hot chocolate can be sweetened or steamed, sober or spiked, with or without cinnamon, or even without salt. While you were busy with your winter wardrobe refresh, we enjoyed a hot chocolate at our favorite cafes and restaurants in Delhi.

1. Paul’s

With their delicious French cuisine, this bakery brings the street smells to your home. You can enjoy hot chocolate made with the right amount of sweetness and paired well with any of their viennoiseries. Paul’s is the best place to meet up with friends for brunch.

2. Colocal

I don’t know how anyone could expect anything less from a cafe or chocolate factory that serves hot chocolate. There are a variety of hot chocolates available, including milk chocolate-based hot chocolate. It gets darker each time. Campfire Hot Chocolate is our favorite. It has toasted marshmallows that melt in the hot chocolate.

3. Blue Tokai

Blue Tokai hot chocolate will be your best friend, whether you need it to work quietly, to have a little goes-sesh among friends, or just to grab a snack. It is so good I often order another cup. Their outdoor seating area is a great spot for relaxing, with beautiful lights and light music. Visit once, and you will see what I mean.

4. AMA Cafe

 A North Campus favorite is well-known for its variety of coffee and tea choices. Their simple hot chocolate is the perfect complement to their fluffy pancakes on cold winter mornings.

5. The Artful Baker

This mug is so good. I can’t stop thinking about it. Their hot chocolate is a comforting treat, especially when topped with marshmallows. It’s great with their croissants or biscottis, but you can also enjoy it on its own.

6. Nik Baker’s

The famed bakery has almost a cult following. They are known for their sweets, as well as their hot chocolate. It’s thick, creamy, and warm on cold winter days.

7. Hamoni Cafe by The Greens

On Sundays, you’ll want to stop by to get refueled and enjoy their version of a hug in the mug. It is made with Callebaut Belgian chocolate and topped off with a marshmallow. The combination of the beautiful green views from their golf course makes it a very relaxing experience.

8. Theo’s

Theo’s Signature hot chocolate is made with chocolate and truffles. You can also add coffee if you want a boost of caffeine. Their coffee chocolate blends range from pure Belgian to Hazlenut.

9. Cafe Dori

Enjoy the classic hot chocolate with marshmallow topping, with furry friends, and be surrounded by beautiful leather products.

10. Di Ghent Cafe

It is easy to forget how powerful the words “Belgian” and “chocolate” are when they are combined. The Gurgaon cafe is European-style and serves all types of chocolate, including hot chocolate.

11.Chocalateria San Churro

Chocolateria San Churro makes the best hot chocolate. It’s thick and rich. There are many options available for hot chocolate lovers who prefer it spicy and fancy, but the classic dark chocolate hot chocolate is a great choice for anyone looking for something warm and simple.

12. Choko La

Choko La is a cafe that specializes in chocolate. They offer everything you need, from hazelnut to dark chocolate, to marshmallows, and even hazelnut. If you’re a dark-chocolate-bordering-on-bitter-fan, we recommend their 70% hot cocoa chocolate. You can also choose from classic milk, hazelnut, or hot coffee cocoa.

13. Music and Mountains

Music & Mountains Cafe, formerly known as Sakley’s, makes us feel cozy every time we enter. The woody decor, dim lighting, and fireplace make it feel like a home in the hills. You can make a wonderful evening with the Home-Made Dark Hot Chocolate, cinnamon, and a book.

14. Caara At Ogaan

Caara is a charming and favorite place in the city. It is a beautiful breakfast buffet, and it pairs well with hot chocolate. The hot chocolate comes with marshmallows and is delicious!

15. Elma’s Bakery

Elma’s marshmallows are made by the crew at Elma’s. Hot chocolate becomes even more special when marshmallows are added to it.


These hot cocoa blends are perfect for those who don’t want to travel. Grab some Instagram-worthy cups to share your marshmallow glory. These baking premixes are just as easy to make as hot chocolate.

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