Delhi is an absolutely beautiful city with so much to do! When it comes to eating or drinking out, its almost a punishment to be given the task of deciding where to go, because of the sheer vastness and variety of experiences across the city. However, despite being in an awesome city Delhi, we miss out on a few things that Delhi desperately needs. For example, until last month, Delhi did not have a single microbrewery. Finally, thankfully, the Delhi government has now allowed microbreweries to operate in Delhi. Lifesaver for a beer dude!

Here are a few more things that Delhi desperately needs. We hope to see them soon!

Ahaatas! Ahaatas!

Folks in Gurgaon are having a good time with Ahaatas (Bars and restaurants that allow you bring your own booze from the theka) that make drinking really easy on their pockets. What about those of us stuck in Delhi paying for overpriced booze? Please do something Delhi!

Better Places for Live Gigs

You’ve got to ask bands in Delhi how difficult it is just to find space on a bar stage. Most venues are cramped up and simply lack good acoustics for a gig. Maybe that’s the reason its difficult to find live performances in Delhi.

24/7 work cafés and pubs

Late night workers who find it difficult to work at home need a more peaceful environment such as a 24/7 work cafe. At the same time, late night party people need pubs that stay open through the night. Sadly, the government has laid out strict deadlines for pubs and bars. We hope things change!

More Beef

If you’re from a state like Kerala, beef will never be a problem for you. Delhi is a hostile environment for beef lovers; and the few places that serve beef are quite expensive. Also, who knows, a lot of restaurants fool people by serving buffalo instead of beef.

Vegan Restaurants

Well, if you’re a cow lover, beef may not exactly be your thing. But, hey, don’t you think Delhi needs some vegan restaurants for the healthy lot?

Late night cigarette and alcohol delivery

Trying to venture out in the night to procure cigarettes and alcohol is an absolute pain, especially if you’re hosting a party and you suddenly realise you need more booze! We hope that laws soon allow late night businesses to deliver cigarettes and alcohol in the middle of the night.