The recent ban on Maggi by the Indian government harboured massive discontent among students, night-crawlers and foodies from every generation. Imagine the plight of a hungry college student who has to stay up for an early morning exam, or that of a 9 year old who doesn’t know how to cook. For thousands of Maggi lovers like them, the Maggi ban has carved a hole in their hearts. It all started in Uttar Pradesh where the Food Safety And Drug Administration (FSDA) collected a few Maggi samples and sent them to Kolkata for testing.

The report found the samples to contain high levels of Monosodium glutamate (MSG) and lead, after which the Delhi Government announced a ban on Maggi. It is not just food lovers who have been affected by the Maggi ban. The ban on Maggi has also affected close to 1500 direct employees of Nestle. Many employees have become jobless while many have been relocated to other Nestle plants. Let us all mourn this terrible loss in everyone’s lives with a 2-minute silence, in the hope that someday Maggi enters our lives again. In the meantime, read on to find some substitutes for Maggi that might make your day better!

Top Ramen

We’ve all tried Top Ramen and some of us prefer it to Maggi. Similar in texture, less spicy, tangier, it’s a great substitute to Maggi. If you want to try something new, go for Top Ramen Curry; its delicious!

Cup Noodles

If you’re lazy, don’t worry. Cup noodles is an excellent choice for a quick meal. All you need is some hot water and within a few minutes, you’re ready with a steaming cup of noodles. It doesn’t taste anything like Maggi, but, least to say, the flavours are quite unique.

Sunfeast Pasta Treat

Not noodles and far from the flavour and masala that Maggi offers, but a great substitute to Maggi for people who can’t cook. Depending on your taste, there are a number of flavours to choose from. One suggestion: try it with some nice chunks of boiled chicken and grated cheese. Guaranteed experience.

Wai-wai noodles

The best part about Wai-wai is that you can cook it or eat it dry. What’s more, you can either buy a cup or a packet, depending on how you want to eat it. Watch out for the flavours they have to offer.

Chings Schezwan Noodles

Looking for a great combination of Indian and Chinese flavours? You’ve got to try Chings, the definitive Hakka noodle! At the end of the day, nothing is close to Maggi noodles in comparison. Generations of us will always have a soft spot for Maggi. So what’s the way forward? Perhaps, moving on to something new!