Throwing a baby shower is one of the nicest gifts you can give to an expectant mom or to the newly parents.  The party should have some great foods and drinks but should be cheap. If you are the host and want to arrange the party in a cheap rate than you can follow the following ideas:

  • Snack: Mini pickles blanketed in salami make the perfect baby shower snack is great food which you can put in the list of cheap baby shower food ideas. This is really great food which will satisfy the guests.
  • Spinach Sticks: If you want to arrange the party with cheap baby shower food ideas than you can think about Spinach Sticks. This food item has all the flavor of the Greek spinach and phyllo pastry without the complicated preparation.
  • Mexican “Sushi” Bites: You can start the party by serving with mouthwatering Mexican sushi bites. This sushi can be filled with silky avocado, cream cheese, crisp bell pepper. This cheap body shower food ideas will make the party more enjoyable.
  • Baby Bottles Filled With Candy: If you are thinking about arranging a baby shower party than purchase small plastic baby bottles and fill those bottles with candies such as jelly beans and tie a pink ribbon around the top of each bottle if the baby is a girl and blue ribbon if the baby is a boy. You can add this easily in the list of cheap baby shower food ideas.
  • Eggrolls: Eggrolls are very yummy and almost every people like it. You can add it in your cheap baby shower food ideas easily. This food item is very easy to whip up for a shower.
  • Salmon Cakes: The homemade salmon cakes add a fishy taste in the party which will obviously satisfy the guests. It’s very easy to make and yummy.