A child brings plenty of expectation and joy just not from the very moment it is born but from the moment the mother discovers its presence. And after seven or eight months of pregnancy, close relatives and friends gather together to bid well to the expectant mother. No wonder it is a very special yet homely occasion that people celebrate with people who are really close to the family. Like any other party, food is an important part of this one as well. Here we gather unique and relevant baby shower food ideas which will give you a vibrant idea about what to do to arrange food for this sort of a party.

Baby shower food ideas are really important because parties like this are exclusive. Only friends from the close circle are invited and people expect a great yet homely meal. It is not surprising that baby shower food ideas are different from typical party food ideas because this occasion is a unique one. If you keep checking into this site you will find a lot of ideas on baby shower party food items. We tell you what to arrange, how to serve and whom to serve. We are advising on details like how to get the party mood uplifted by great food items. Let’s look at some basics right here, right now. The first lesson of baby shower food ideas is- the cake is the key food item.

You are not throwing a buffet or a cocktail party- people will visit, present their gifts to the mother-to-be and would like to spend some time in a homely environment. In parties like these, the cake becomes the focal point of the food items. So spend a lot of your brain behind the cake- how you want it to be. The cake must go with the theme of the party. Most of the baby shower parties include a theme. The theme can be baby birds, alphabets or a color like pink or blue (depending on the ultrasonography report). Order the cake having the selected theme in mind. Like in case of alphabet themed baby shower, order a cake which is shaped like alphabet blocks or have alphabets in it. Another very basic one of the baby shower food ideas is to avoid a heavy meal in this sort of a party.

This will disrupt the tone and produce a lot of hassle. This is not exactly the right time for it. Have plenty of finger foods and make it really simple to serve the food and clear the mess. If we start discussing about baby shower food ideas then we probably won’t be able to stop- the topic may involve so much of attention. You may plan everything right but miss a very simple idea which may go on to ruin your party. So browse a bit more, take a look around this site and know about different aspects of baby shower food. If you can manage great food for the party then everyone will laud you- that’s guaranteed. We have also collected a list of baby shower related blogs for you to get some more ideas not just for baby shower food, but also other aspects of planning the party. Following is our top 5 picks and the full baby shower blog list can be found here.

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