Baby shower is a big occasion for the parents to be, especially the mother. A great baby shower party uplifts the mood of her which is a pretty good thing at the final stages of pregnancy. So organizing a great baby shower is something we all want to and who doesn’t know the importance of having a great cake at the baby shower! No doubt that the cake is the main food item at any baby shower. So here are a few tips on baby shower cake. Take a look!

Make it Unique

Always remember that the cake is as much entertaining for the eyes as for the stomach. Honestly, some people remember cakes for their looks more than they remember them for their taste. So try to have a unique looking cake. A very funny idea is to have a cake which is shaped like baby diapers. This goes perfectly with the occasion and people will remember it as well. Add blue laces to the diaper if you are expecting a boy and pink if you are expecting a girl. Having a pregnant belly shaped cake is another funny idea favored by many. You can also try out animal cartoon cakes and perambulator shaped cakes. People will love them too.

Match with the Theme

Baby shower is a small party and so if you have a theme then everything should be according to that. Mostly the theme is either blue or pink, depending upon the ultrasonography report. If you are having a blue party then try to get a cake which is mostly blue. Same goes for pink as well. Always remember, whatever the theme is, a baby shower is always going to be vivid and colorful. So avoid dark chocolate cakes which will be totally against the mood of your party.

Add Cupcakes

A baby shower is usually accompanied by plenty of finger foods. If you also think that serving finger foods is better than serving proper meals in a party like baby shower then never forget to have cupcakes. Add some colorful cupcakes to have some color on the dining table as well. Cupcakes can be decorated wonderfully and can be made in many shapes like that of a heart or a duck or even a baby paw!