Baby shower is an occasion to express love, care and support to the mother-to-be or the very recent mothers. Usually this is an all-girls party where friends and relatives gather and bid the mother well for the baby. Like any other party, food is an important part of baby shower. Whenever you are planning for baby shower food then you must keep in mind that this party is a bit different. It has a separate mood, different purpose and an all-girls guest list. So try to arrange food that goes with these things. Here we are going to give you some suggestions which will help you to have great baby shower party food.

Avoid Big Meals

Lunch or Dinner is too heavy for a party like baby shower. First of all, when you are expecting a baby you do not want to have a big hassle just before it. Unfortunately, arranging a meal brings you just that. Second, meals do not quite match with baby shower parties. Women gather at these parties to wish the mother, talk amongst themselves and have some sort of get together. Arranging a three course dinner may spoil the entire serene mood and family atmosphere. Third, as we all know, ladies do not enjoy eating meals at parties. Arranging a big meal at an all-girls party is not the best thing to do. So what to do- what should be the best choice for baby shower party food? We would say the best choice is obviously to go for finger foods. Finger foods provide the option to have a range of foods in small packages. Arrange fruits, rolls, mini snacks and these sorts of things which are quite easy to serve &eat and yet taste very good. People will like to have food while keeping their conversation ongoing.

Go for Desserts and Drinks

As you are not offering any proper meal, try to give a bit more attention to the desserts and drinks section. Desserts have the advantage that they can be served pretty much the same way as finger foods served earlier and they can also offer a range of tastes to the guest. Have a decent variation of drinks in the party. You do not want to have any hard drinks in this sort of a party, though. Arrange range of fruit juices and cola drinks and let the guests choose what they want. As you can see, we are not suggesting you to come up with a lot of things in the baby shower. Try to be simple and welcoming- that will ensure a great party. And follow what we emphasized on this article- do not try to have big food arrangements. Keep it free of hassles and give people the option to choose the food- that will do it for you.