Ferrero Rocher is a chocolate-hazelnut confectionery that was introduced by Ferrero in 1982. Michele Ferrero is the creator of this product.

Each Ferrero Rocher ball has a foil cover and is placed in a lined paper bag. Each Ferrero Rocher ball is wrapped in foil and placed inside a paper liner.

It is widely sold and has a strong cultural presence due to its association with Christmas. It is sold worldwide and has a strong cultural presence, in part because of its association with Christmas.


Ferrero Rocher was first introduced in 1979 in Italy and then in other parts of Europe in 1982. Production was stopped shortly after it was released due to problems with label printing. Michele Ferrero is the credited inventor. She named the chocolate after the Rocher de Massabielle grotto, a Roman Catholic shrine to Lourdes. Rocher is a French word that means rock or boulder. 


The chocolate is made from whole hazelnuts wrapped in thin wafer shells filled with hazelnut chocolate. It then gets covered in milk chocolate and chopped hazelnuts. It contains milk chocolate, sugar, and cocoa butter. 


Box of Ferrero Rocher Bonbons Production is strictly confidential. No smartphones or notebooks are allowed in the production areas. Few journalists were invited to the production facilities in 2015 as a result. The Alba factory produces 24 million Ferrero Rochers per day as of 2015. 

Machines produce the sweet. Machines produce the sweet. The next step is to clamp two of the wafer sheets together, one with hazelnut cream and one with hazelnut chocolate crème. Wafer balls are made by removing any excess wafer. The wafer balls are then covered with chocolate, chopped hazelnuts, and a final layer. Finally, the ball is wrapped in prominent gold foil.


Each year, Ferrero Rochers are sold in 42 countries. [unreliable source? This includes 28 European countries, including the UK, as well as eight Asian countries, including five African countries, including South Africa. There are also nine American countries and two Oceania countries. 

Cultural impact

Christmas Ferrero Rochers have a strong association with Christmas and the New Year. Ferrero Rochers are associated with Christmas and New Year.

1990s UK Advertisement

In the 1990s, a United Kingdom advertisement was inspired by a party at the official residence of a European ambassador. The chocolates were arranged in a pyramid and presented as a luxurious treat. Since then, the advertisement has been parodied repeatedly in popular culture. [12] The party commercial for the ambassador was ranked 21st by Channel 4’s 2000 poll of the “100 Greatest Adverts”. 

Immigrant communities

Rocher is a popular choice among American immigrant communities because of its low price compared to other luxury goods.