Green beans are one of the best vegetables to serve as a side dish. Green beans go with everything, including lamb racks, chicken or roast beef, and fish. The French method keeps the beans green. Pre-cook the beans a day in advance and finish them before serving.

This enhances the taste of the meal without overwhelming it. No garlic, no chili, no nuts, etc. This is just a side dish, not a main meal. Simplicity is the best.

If you are in a rush, you can skip the cooling process and add them to the pan after cooking. The green color will be less vibrant, but they’ll still taste great.

You can also squeeze in a little bit of lemon. Enjoy green beans French-style.


17oz – 500g green beans

3 Tbsp Butter

Two shallots

1 Citrus (Zest)

Salt & Pepper


Put a large pot with water and a few tablespoons of salt over high heat. The water should be as salty as seawater or more. Beans love salt!

Take a half dozen beans in your hands and snap off the heads. Keep the pointed tails on unless they’re wilted. If your beans are stringy, then you should string them. Remove both the tops and bottoms.

Set aside the shallots after peeling and chopping them.

Add the green beans once the water reaches boiling point. Wait until the water returns to a boil, and then count for three minutes. You can speed up the process by placing a lid over the pot and letting it boil. Remove the top when the water is boiling.

Fill a large bowl with water, and then add some ice. The beans will be cooled down by doing this. They will still retain their green color after the shock of temperature changes.

Use a spider to remove the beans and place them in cold water. Save the hot water to use later.

Add the butter to a large pan and melt it on medium heat. Add the sliced shallots and sweat for 30 seconds or until they become translucent.

Then, drain the beans and return them to the hot water for a few moments. Scoop out the beans again and add them directly to the pan with shallots. Add salt, pepper, and the zest of a lemon. Toss. Serve them immediately, as they will cool quickly. Enjoy French-style green beans!