Trying to think of your jungle themed baby shower food and you have come to a dead end? Here are some ideas you should consider when attempting to create a unique theme-related menu that your family and friends will love. The decorations for your jungle shower should not stop at the baby shower food table. The appropriate display of vines and plants will set the perfect mood to go with your jungle-inspired dishes.

Before thinking of what exactly you are going to serve, you should think of how you are going to present it. By choosing the jungle theme, you have allowed yourself the chance to create a really neat and beautiful display of food. The table should consist of an array of green colors; you might even want to consider a camouflage table cloth. An assortment of exotic looking plants and flowers would tie in perfectly with your jungle themed food. Now you can think about what you will be serving. Of course, since it is a jungle theme, you can scatter bunches of bananas around. A ‘jungle-swamp’ punch, dyed green, with fake flies in ice-cubes, is an excellent idea for a unique beverage. Fruit ka-bobs would also be a nice theme related touch.

This is a theme where labels can work their magic:

  • Roast beast- Roast beef
  • Wild boar- Turkey
  • Chocolate covered ‘ants’- Raisins
  • Worms in dirt- Gummy worms in Oreos
  • Monkey Mixes- Trail mix with banana chips, raisins, nuts, etc.
  • Tiger tails- Cheetos
  • Bugs on log- Celery with peanut butter and a few raisins on top

When thinking of what you want your jungle themed food to be, do not limit yourself to make everything go together. It is important to provide variety in order to fit the needs of all the guests, which might not be possible when you are only serving theme-related food. The decorations around the room, as well as those few selected jungle dishes, will also be providing support for your theme. The mood of the baby shower is entirely up to you. By being able to set the style of the decorations and food, you are in complete control.

A shower does not have to be boring and dull just because the decorations are not over the top. A simple shower with just the right amount of decorations and color could be just what the mother-to-be is looking for. If you are trying to have a more upscale or calm jungle themed shower, food could be toned down a bit. Remember, themes do not have to be directly displayed by labels or costumed designed cakes; they can also be displayed simply by color. Color for a jungle themed shower would involve more earthy green colors and maybe some yellow. A nice jungle themed food display could include lemonade, salad, green pastas and fruit.