For delicious blood pudding, you need the following:

Pork Livers 2 lb ( 1 kg)

bacon 2 lb ( 1 kg)

Pork – 2 lb (1 kg).

onions – 3.5 oz (100 g) old

Black Pepper -10 peppercorns

rice (300 g/ 1 1/5 cup)

How to Cook

Boil the livers with the onions. Remove the livers and finely chop them when they are ready. Chop bacon and lean meat finely. Cook the rice until it is semi-cooked.

All of these ingredients should be salted and topped with coarsely-ground black pepper. Fill the intestines up with the mixture. Then, tie off the ends and pierce them with a needle. Boil the blood sausages in the water you used to boil the livers.

Place a plate over the top to press down on the sausages and flush them with the broth. After softening the Blood Sausages, remove them from the pot and drain the oil and broth. Once cooled, store in a cool area, but not the refrigerator.

Serve the Blood Pudding, red wine, and coarse Bean Salad.