Flash freeze beef for 20 minutes on cookie sheet during ingredient mixture.

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl using a whisk.

Slice the beef to equal thickness if it is thicker than 1 inch.

Trim as much fat as possible from the beef.

Include beef in your recipes to create a cover.

Marinate the beef overnight.

Leave a small space between each slice to ensure that the beef is dehydrated.

Hang beef skewers across the oven rack so the beef hangs freely.

Cover the entire oven rack by skewering the meat.

Place aluminum foil on the second oven rack at the bottom to catch any drippings.

Set the oven at the lowest temperature (in my case, 170 degrees) and let the door hang ajar. Let the beef sit in the range for 5-6 hours until dry.

Check the beef several times to ensure it’s not baking but drying out.

Once completed,

After drying the beef skewers, let them rest for 10 minutes. Then remove from the oven rack and allow to cool on a tray.

Remove the beef strips from the skewers, and store them in an airtight container.


5lbs Beef flank steak Trim the fat (or choose your cut)2cups Worcestershire sauce

One 1/2cups teriyaki sauce

3teaspoons liquid smoke

1cup soy sauce

4teaspoons Onion powder

2teaspoons Garlic powder

Cayenne powder one teaspoon

Black pepper 4teaspoons

1tablespoon Sea Salt

1 / 4tablespoons red pepper flakes

Brown sugar 4tablespoons

Honey 2tablespoons

1tablespoon Maple Syrup

3bamboo skewers

aluminum foil