It was hard for me to decide whether or not to speak to you about this. This news is important to both you and me.

A few days ago, my grandfather died. He was 92 years of age and had been ill for several weeks. Although his passing has caused a significant gap in our lives, we are grateful for the rich and long life he lived. We are now in a reflective mood and wish him a peaceful, happy afterlife.

We all have our ways of dealing with loss. For example, my father is very positive. After reflecting on the night, he said he wanted us all to remember him for his whole respectable life. He was loved by his family, respected professionally for his integrity, and well-known for his determination. Is it possible for us to boast such achievements?

He believed in moderation and was a good cook, but he was very picky about his food choices in his final hours. I was privileged to spend his last days with him and would make him unique dishes. This healthy Paneer Makhani was one such dish.

Although staunch Punjabis might disagree with this and consider it blasphemy for healthy and paneer makhani to be used in the same sentence, the family is now very health conscious. I have a just as good recipe with no extra fat.


6 Tomatoes chopped

2 Onions chopped

Garlic 8 cloves

2 Green Chilies

2 Chilies Kashmiri Red

4 – 5 Cashew nuts

One teaspoon Poppy seeds Khus Khus, or White

1 Bay Leaf

1 Cinnamon stick

 3 Cloves

2 Cardamoms

One tablespoon oil

One tablespoon butter

One tablespoon tomato ketchup

1/2 teaspoon Garam Masala

1 1/2 teaspoons Kasuri Methi dry Fenugreek

Salt to your taste

Two tablespoons Yogurt mixed

500g Paneer Cottage cheese


  • Add tomatoes, onions and garlic to a pressure cooker. Turn off the flame after 2 whistles and allow to cool.
  • After the mixture has cooled, remove the whole spices (bay leaf cinnamon, cloves, cloves, and cardamom), and blend the rest in a blender until smooth.
  • In a saucepan, heat butter and oil. Heat the mixture, then add tomato ketchup. Let it simmer for 20 minutes. Salt and garam masala should be added.
  • Dry roast the kasuri mthi in a separate pan. Then grind it to a fine powder. Cook for 5 minutes more.
  • Just before serving, mix the paneer and beaten Yogurt. Serve with rice or chapatis and an onion side dish.