ARRGG! It’s a boy, mates!! If you are thinking about what types of food to have for a pirate baby shower, you are definitely looking in the right spot. Pirate baby showers are a cute and creative way for celebrating the incoming of a little one. Your pirate themed shower could be directed towards Peter Pan and Captain Hook, or just a general pirate party.

Concerned ith the time of year? This pirate themed shower will work out wonderfully on the beach in the warm summer months. However, do not hesitate to have it other times of the year; a ‘tropical’ shower could be a nice change during those cold winter months. Even if you’re forced to have it indoors, your food and décor will make the guests feel like it is 90 degrees outside. Now-a-days it has become more common to invite couples to baby showers. Being as most women who attend showers might have a family of their own; this would be an excellent idea for a shower where children will be invited as there are many types of favors, games, and decorations that will keep them busy.

Imagine your guests coming in to receive a refreshing glass of sparkling blue punch with a mini fruit kabob in it and fish ice cubes. This can be enjoyed along with a nice line-up of appetizers including a seafood dip with crackers and sea life shaped sandwiches. The table has a beautiful display of tropical fruits for the guests to munch on. Later you bring out the main dishes involving a beautiful sea-shell pasta, parrot legs (drum sticks), and some ‘submarine’ sandwiches. Finally, the dessert a swashbuckling, pirate ship cake! Get creative on your display of baby shower food for a pirate baby shower by arranging it like a treasure map. Hang up lanterns around the table and serve dishes on dark wooden platters. Don’t forget that you can spice up even the simplest display with some creative labels, including pirate teeth (corn) or sharks blood (punch).

Some other ideas for snacks and décor around the table:

  • Treasure chest to hold crackers
  • Hershey nuggets
  • Chocolate coins
  • Toy sharks, octopus, etc.
  • Hook-ticking clock
  • Tropical fruit platters
  • Crab cakes
  • Jello cut into shapes
  • Goldfish

Is the ARRGG a bit too much for your new coming little girl, but you still like the tropical theme associated with pirates? Why not try for an Under the Sea Theme shower? Food and supplies for this would be very similar to the pirate theme, but the table décor can be more focused beautiful sea life aspect, than on tough pirates. This could involve more pearls and mermaids than sharks and swords. You could even make your own seashell cake using a simple, round cake pan. If you want your guests to have a memorable time at your baby shower, you can’t go wrong with this theme. By selecting such a unique theme, there are so many flavorful ways to go when choosing your baby shower menu. In the end there is no way your guests won’t be thoroughly impressed!