Stressed out about what types of food to have for a vegan or vegetarian baby shower? To be honest, the thought of creating entire meals without meat, and for vegans, no dairy either, is daunting. When I knew I had to throw my vegan sister’s baby shower, I was terrified at not only the costs, but what to serve all the guests. To my surprise, I learned that there are many delicious vegan meals out there that are no more expensive, or difficult to make than the average meal.

I understand that not all food at the shower had to be vegan friendly, but being I as the focus of the party is to celebrate for the mother-to-be, I wanted to make sure she could eat everything I had chosen. It also was useful in showing the guests that. As any good shower has to have snacks for the guests to munch on other than the main meal, I had of course set out the traditional vegetable and fruit platters. I also wanted to spice it up a little by creating my own hummus and seven layer dip (recipe below). The guests were more than happy with this and it kept them content until I was ready to serve the main dishes. Other dishes you could consider making include spinach dip or cheese balls.

Seven Layer Dip:

  • Mix together 1 (8 ounce) package of vegan cream cheese and 1 tbsp taco seasoning
  • Put that in the bottom of a shallow serving pan as the first layer
  • Follow with a layer of guacamole
  • Layer of salsa
  • Layer of lettuce
  • Layer of vegan cheese
  • Sprinkle with olives and green onions
  • Chill before serving

The main course is often the focal point of the shower and is what is most memorable by the guests. For my main course I prepared a salad, black bean chili and vegan bruschetta (recipes below). You might consider making one of these of making some cucumber sandwiches or stuffed mushrooms.