If you’re looking for dog food tips regarding your dog’s nutrition and have questions like:

  • What dog food do I pick out to keep my dog healthy?
  • What should I look for when I read the dog food labels?
  • How much dog food should I be feeding my puppy? 
  • What is causing my pet’s digestive problems?

My Dog Food will be answering these questions and a whole lot more. There is too much information to cover in just one article.  So look though the list of articles to find the one that is specific to your question(s).

So then lets talk about our dog food.

We all want our beloved pets to live forever, or at least to their maximum potential.   Therefore what we feed our pets make a world of difference in how long they live and what kind of quality of life they will have.

Do you feel all dog foods are created equal?  Will your dog food measure up and pass the grade of good nutrition?

At one time I used to think all dog foods was basically the same, filled with protein, fat, and vitamins.   But after researching dog foods and dog food labels, I was surprised at what I found. Amazingly, a good majority of dog foods are slowly killing our pets with stuff you would never think to feed your worst enemy. Have you thought about how dog food companies makes dog food with beef or chicken so cheap? 

Think about it.

A pound of beef at the store runs about $3.00-8.00 per pound.  So how can they sell food for such a low cost per pound?

The answer?

Many pet food companies put unconscionable stuff in their products and little if any useful meat in order to maximize profits at the expense of our dog’s nutrition.

How can the dog food companies sell this stuff as high quality?

The labels of many dog foods and treats appear to describe foods that are high in protein and fibers. But the truth is that most such dog foods are full of indigestible substances to boost protein and fiber readings.  Added fillers like corn, wheat, or wheat gluten, provide empty calories and little to no nutritional value. Have you ever seen a dog prefer corn to meat?  Mine wouldn’t even touch it, were I to offer it to them. How on earth are we to know what to feed our dogs if we cannot trust the dog food labels? Look closely at the ingredients.  They are listed in order of highest to lowest quantity.

What should you look for?

First, start with looking for by-products on dog food labels. In a lot of products the first two to four ingredients listed will most likely be by-products.  They could be described as “chicken by-products”, “beef by-products”, “poultry by-products”, “turkey by-products” and the mystery animal “meat by-products”. 

Yes, I have seen brand name dog foods containing components from the above list.  What in the world is “meat by-products” if it is not from chicken, beef, turkey, or poultry? In the next few days, I will be releasing pictures of what I found in my dog’s can food.  You will need a strong stomach.  Just remember you did not have to smell it. Lets take a look at what by-products really are. None of us would dare feed our kids (or our canine “kids”) bones, fingernails, hair, and diseased animals from a refuse plant as a meal. 

That would be unthinkable! 

But that could be what you may be feeding your pet.  Because by-products are made up of unusable parts that both human and dogs can not digest. In addition, “by-products” may include the animals’ intestines and colons full of waste.  Gross.  And to think we feed our dogs that crap…literally! It really is no wonder our pets are getting sick and dying young. Dog Food Tips Part 2 Will discuss “Selecting dog food for our dog’s nutritional needs”